do i need an overhang on my chicken run?


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Oct 30, 2012
I bought corrugated plastic roofing already, 8 feet which will exactly fit the run. No overhang at all whatsoever. My coop has overhang though. I want to keep the rain out of the run so it stays dry. It rains a lot in the winter in oregon and it gets windy. So what would be the point of an overhang? Or do i need to take it back and buy 12 foot panels and cut them a whole bunch, which is what im trying to avoid. Thanks for any help!
Having a overhang will keep the rain run-off farther away from the fences edge. 8' will work but the parameter will get wet whenever it rains. Wind will carry the rain farther into the pen even with an overhang.
Gutters would help for sure, I just put that plastic clear roofing around the bottom 36 inches of our covered run as a splash guard/snow block, the water pours off the roof and hits pavers and splashes into the run, so may add a gutter if the drainage isn't sufficient with splash guards, the stuff i bought wasn't too hard to cut used kitchen scissors....

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