Do I need more heat lamps?

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    Jun 21, 2011
    Here in Colorado it is getting cold at night that my dogs water is freezing. I have put straw on the floor of my coop and I have a single heat lamp hanging in the middle but it still seams cold in there some of my hens are under it at night and others are up. Do I need more heat lamps? The size of the coop is about 8 ft by 10 ft.
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    Quote:I doubt if you need more heat lamps, but it depends on your coop, Is it ventilated, or drafty? How many chickens, and what breed are they? How cold is it getting? What size is your heatlamp?
    Chickens can take cold weather if housed properly for the conditions.
    Without knowing the answers I would think having 1 heat lamp wiould give your chickens the option of moving in and out of the warmth, as they see fit.
    Make sure your heatlamp is secure.

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    May 14, 2011
    I am in Colorado as well. Right now my coop is not heated at all. I have a sealed oil unit that I can run if we go below 0. I don't think it is too cold yet. Put a thermometer in there and check it in the mornings. Cold to us with no feathers is different than for them. I do not plan to heat unless we get down to the teens or lower. My concern would be for frostbite on the large combed birds I have. As someone on here said chickens have on a down coat already. My coop is 8x8 with 10 birds in it. If you want to use the heat lamp than I think you are good with only one. As IMP said make sure it is secured well and they have the option then.

    I was worried that a heat lamp would be knocked down and start a fire. After a TON of looking I went with the sealed oil unit. It is thermostatically controlled too. DH put it in the coop and made sure the ladies cannot touch it or sit above it either. They are only about 40 dollars at the home improvement stores.
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    Most chickens are hardy enough to withstand extreme cold without a heat lamp at all. I've heard a lot of folks in Alaska laugh at us about putting heat lamps in our coops. You mostly just need to keep them sheltered from the elements, wind and all. Heat lamps are a nice luxury but also a big time fire hazard.
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    Mar 29, 2010
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    Quote:Was in the lower teens a few weeks ago - no lamp, heat lamp, or anything else other than a nice sheltered coop with access to fresh water and food. Chickens are fine and laying great with no frostbite even on my chickens with larger combs. Even my little weird chicken managed to make it through the week.
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    I wonder how chickens managed to stay alive before we decided they needed heat because we were cold... LOL. IF you provide a heated coop, then what happens when you have a power outage and the chickens are not physically prepared for it?

    I have roost space in my coop for 8 more chickens than what I have... All my chickens are currently using 2 roosts. They huddle together, creating a nice area of warmth. As long as it isn't drafty they should be fine. If really need a heat source cuz its below freezing, I'd suggest a red heat lamp like used for lizzards. Will help to eliminate bordum pecking cuz the heat lights are on all the time.

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