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    Two eggs have pipped yesterday at about 3:30 pm.. 17 hours ago. They still rock but no more pips. One of the eggs is the Up Side Down Baby I can see it trying to get out at the pip. I noticed that a small piece of shell is missing & the membrane that is showing is no longer white it is yellowish. I think its b/c its dry, but baby is still moving/trying to get out. ~Do I Need to mist that area? How long after the 1st pip should you be concerned? }}}There are still 3 more eggs moving but no pips AND the 5th Baby just Hatched. [​IMG] Fingers Crossed That They Hatch WITHOUT Feet Being Smashed.... Hatch Day Was Friday, 8th. Thanks, ~Julie~
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    I'm sure that they will be fine there probly just tired and dont peep anymore right now there probably resting and i wouldnt mist the area seeing that they will be exausted and might drown even in mist hope that helped [​IMG] good luck
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    This is Re:The Up Side Down Babie}}}I could see babies beak sticking out the little hole it had been like that for quite a while & it kept peeping and opening its mouth. So i finally removed some small pieces of shell. This was about 3am & baby "is still in the egg. When i wake up, "should i help or leave baby alone?" (I had to get some sleep)
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    One of the babies that hatched at 7:30 pm( last night) Has LEG Issues... The legs dont seem to stay together so it can walk, its doing the splits but is just as active as the others. What should i do? Thanks, ~Julie~

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    Congrats on the new baby.. What do you have on the bottom of the incubator?? sometimes they can slip on a smooth surface- especially just after they hacth and are still weak. Sometimes all it takes is to put them in the brooder on a good nonslip surface and get around much better.
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    Well I don't know much about egg hatching BUT I do know a lot about the leg issues birds get. Sounds like your duckling has sprangled (sp?) Legs it is easy to fix IF you act now. We do this all the time with our chicks we take a bandaid cut it in half long way. Then wrap it so you keep the legs together it usually will fix itself with in a week and your duck should be fine. Sometimes it will take longer so you might have to put a new band aid on it.

    All I know is it happens because of being in to tight of an area to long! Our chicks will come shipped to us fine and because of over crowding in the small boxes it will happen to them!

    Hope this helps!!!!!
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    I woke up to 2 more babies hatched. Now that makes 7 hatched. ~SHOULD I HELP THE BABY, WHICH HAS PIP THE POINTY END OF THE EGG? The beak is out & its still moving & peeping. I Don't want its legs to be smashed from being in there too long... Thanks ~Julie~

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