Do I Need to Clip Their Wings? We Need an Answer This Morning!

Clip their wings?

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8 Years
The ten new Khaki Campbell ducks are now 3 months old and almost as big as Sunsinger. OldGal and I believe they're ready to move out of the grow-out pen. The part of the run they'll be moving into is about 30' x 12' with a 4' fence minimum. Do I need to clip their wings before we move them out?
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Khaki's aren't a flighty breed, so I wouldn't worry. Of course, certain ducks are different than the breed standards. I have muscovies and on wing clipping day I had one fly about 300 feet from the dround up. Into our neighbors property.

But anyways, Khaki's I wouldn't worry too much about. And there's no way they'll scale a 4' fence. Go under or through like mine, maybe, but not over.

Good luck!
The only way they could get out of a 4' fence would be to scale it if there was a section that was not taut. It should not be necessary to clip their wings. (Besides, it's so unsightly.)
Ditto sourland. Upright fence, 4 feet high, has always kept my runners in. Leaning fence, 3 feet high, can be pushed farther over and scaled with some wing flapping. I speak from direct observation.
My khaki can get about 2 feet off the ground if she runs downhill and the wind is blowing.
She's almost 3 months now. I'm confident our 4 foot fence will keep her inside.
The only wings I clip are on the muscovies. The others can only go about two feet high if they are lucky.
No need
(I know I'm too late answering but just saw this)

Khaki's are not flyers and won't even scale a 3' fence, so your 4' is more than adequate: positively "unscalable" in khaki terms

Glad to see your post, I was wondering today how your ducklings were doing. Seems they are doing just great

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