Do I Pick Up Shipped Birds? Or Will UPS Bring Them to My House?


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Mar 10, 2014
So I recently purchased twenty two chicks from Meyers Hatchery. I've heard of people calling their post office the day before the birds are supposed to arrive and then going to pick them up from there. But I don't have a PO box, and I honestly don't know how the picking up of shipped birds works. Will the post office just deliver my birds to my home? Or will I have to go pick them up?
The post office will call you and you'll go pick them up. The carrier won't deliver to your home (usually).

edit: My PO calls me as soon as they come in, sometime 4am and they open the back door, before office hours, to give them to me.
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I would still call your post office in advance, to make sure they have your phone number and what their particular procedure is. The hatchery will put your contact number on the shipping label, but things happen.

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