Do I seal and incubate cracked egg? (HOT MESS)


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Knowing full well that buying shipped eggs is a huge gamble I bought eggs off of eBay anyway and all arrived safe except for one. I paid a stupid amount for these eggs so instead of admitting defeat and cutting my losses (like I should have) I did a little research and found posts suggesting there was still hope if I sealed the cracked egg with candle wax or tape or something. I thought "Why not try a teeny tiny smidge of super glue (gel)? After all, super glue was invented to help seal wounds during WW2. Why not seal a cracked egg? Why hasn't anyone ever tried or posted about this before?" Hope is such a wicked trick of the mind. Heh! :p

Cracked egg day of arrival:

Cracked egg sealed w/ super glue 6 days into incubation:

When I candled the egg I saw a mysterious dark glob, which I mistakenly thought was some sort or progress or development so I opted to keep the egg in the incubator:

This is what I found the next day:

The cracked egg exploded. :( Luckily the stank goo didn't get all over the other eggs, but it did get all over the incubator. It literally was a HOT MESS! I had to temporarily relocate the rest of the eggs and clean out the now super stinky incubator. I am hoping the short disruption doesn't negatively affect the development of the other eggs. I just wanted to make sure to share this experience for anyone considering sealing a cracked egg and proceeding with incubation.
Also FYI the post-explosion fissures weren't where I had sealed the shell so it wasn't a matter of I didn't seal the crack good enough. Bad stuff must have already made it's way into the egg via the crack and found it's own way out through other weak spots in the shell.
Oh no! I sealed several eggs out if this current shipment with candle wax but they all quit early. I was JUST about to post a question about cracked eggs when I saw yours! My toddler bumped my arm when candeling and I dropped this poor girl. Lock down is this Sunday and she was dancing a couple days ago. We patched the whole thing with scotch tape and figured we would just keep an eye on her. Good news is when she hatches she won't have much work to do to get out!


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I have a live one with a crack also. Sealed with newskin and going to add candle wax tonight to try to control the big aircell development. Hopefully there'll be a better outcome than the eggslosion.

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