do lavender orps get darker as they get older? Pics added


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I just got four lavender orp chicks from a vet at UCDavis who made it sound like they had a lavender breeding program...she said these were fourth generation.....but color me stupid....they lookblue to they get more lavender as they get older???? Probably not....I was just hoping....they are only 2 weeks old
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post pics. they should stay the same colour...but i am not a expert on the lavenders...
Well here are two of the four chicks... one is darker and the other is the lightest of the bunch.... don't they look blue to you???? They really are a grayish color.... the color in the pics is not right on because the comforter underneath is a bit pinker than shows up.




Should the look more lavender??
Here's a few of my chics when they were young (with their adoptive mom). Not sure if it's just your lighting/camera but they look kinda whitish?? If they are grey than you are right on track. There is also a variation in the lavender color, some are darker and some are lighter. I have some of both.

They are definitely gray.. yours are just a tad darker than mine, but they are all gray. One is just lighter than the other three. Have you noticed any early differences between the males and females? I had read on here that the girls feathered out earlier. And my buff orps who are just about the same age have all feathered out early.. so I went for the ones with long wings and definite tails.... I am desperately hoping i have 3 or 4 females out of the four.. If I wind up with one biggie.. I just may have to breed some for me.... but 3 or4 males.. I would cry!!
The three in the picture above all feathered out at different times and all three were pullets.
There is no science to guessing boy from girl with these guys, there are some that will even fool you till they crow or lay an egg.
Those chicks look lavender. Lavender is the gene. The birds will not look lavender in the truest sense of the color. A lavender bird looks more a gray color and the gray is uniform across the entire bird. Unlike blue which tend to have darker heads.
Oh good.. thank you so much!! I guess I have been staring at the European orp pics too much.. I was expecting.. LAVENDER... LOL.

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