do leg scales normally peel off over time?

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  1. I have one chicken who has had some lifted scales on her legs since we got her 18 months ago. After reading posts here, from time to time I will treat her as if she has leg mites (wash her feet with an old child's toothbrush, spray with a bird mite spray, then apply vaseline and rub it in) for a few days. It has never improved - just seems to always be the same. Over the summer, the other girls seem to develop the same thing and I have treated them all a couple of times (each time for a few days). Today one of the girls had a yellow looking substance on one leg that looked like stuck egg yolk. When I went to rub it, some scales came off.

    What gives?? Do scales peel or fall off when they get old? This is my first experience seeing that happen. should I do a different treatment?

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    I know that scales can shed, but that doesn't sound normal. Maybe someone with more experience than I will help.
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    I am interested in the replies here as I have one girl who has the exact same symptoms..
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    Yes, those old scales will slough off after having scale mites and then receiving treatment. Try using castor can get it at any pharmacy in the laxative aisle. It's a one time treatment that will treat and also prevents a reinfestation, while conditioning the scales and encouraging fast regrowth of healthy scales. Massage a good coat of it upwards into the scales and clear up into where the feathers meet the scales, in between the toes, etc.

    You can also get some sulfur powder at any garden center for cheap and powder down your roosts and nest boxes to discourage mite transmission from one bird to another. It's all natural and will not harm the birds at all. Might get in your nose as it's a real fine powder so just be careful of that.
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