Do LIVE eggs wobble before pip/hatch?


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Jul 22, 2008
South Central MA

I have only two eggs in bator; due to hatch Tuesday, +/-.

I don't see them wobbling at all..........

Should I be able to see that as they jockey into pip/hatch mode.

BTW, they are dreaded, near-impossible-to-hatch Muscovy eggs.

I bet they're dead........
No, they are not necessarily dead. They may be wobbling when you aren't looking at them. I hatched many duck eggs that I never saw wobble. I never found them that hard to hatch either. Has your temperature and humidity been good??

Also, it takes 34 to 37 days for Muscovy eggs to hatch. I ALWAYS let my eggs go AT LEAST 5 days over. I've had some late hatches that turned out to be perfectly healthy birds.

It might help to LIGHTLY (and I mean LIGHTLY) mist the eggs a couple of times a day tomorrow and Tuesday. But you CAN drown a baby bird if you wet their egg too much. I've never misted my duck eggs and still had NO problems hatching. Quail eggs?? That's a whole different story.

I LOVE muscovy ducks. I'll help you any way I can. Please don't hesitate to PM me if I can be of any further help. I'll try to check on here often tomorrow and Tuesday.

Good Luck!!
Wow, are you kind. I might have to pester you. You might regret it though!

I'm afraid I have been misting my eggs maybe too heavily. I've done it daily since day 15, as Holderread mentions in his book. Also the air cells aren't too big.

temp. in my hovabator gen. 1588 has been constant at about 99.5 - 99.7 according to my cheapo Walmart digital thermo./hygrometer.

Humidity has been kept steadily at about 61-63. It is now at 79 as of today, day 33. Eggs are now OFF the auto-turner.
Hi Duckmonk!

You can "pester" me anytime you want. I LOVE muscovy ducks and want to see you be successful with them.

Yes, you may have over-misted them. But remember, it is just day 33. It takes 34 to 37 days for muscovies to hatch. I always let mine go at least 5 days past the 37th day. So don't be in too big of a hurry.

The air cells won't be too big, so don't worry about that.

Getting them off the egg turner was good. If possible, lay them so that the pointed end is turned down somewhat. But don't mess with them too much. I have actually had them pop out of the egg while still on the egg turner.

Keep me posted on how things are going. I am almost as excited as you are.... maybe even more so.

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!

the Old Rebel
Hi, Duckmonk - gosh, I've PM'd you several times with no response...I'm glad to see you're still around!

They don't always wobble, BTW. BEST of luck with your hatch!

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