do males molt

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Jun 6, 2008
Southeastern, MA
hope this is the place to put this but ......... do males molt?
my alfa male has lost his tail feathers and none of the girls have any bald spots. does this happen to the boys too?
i've looked for mites there none and he is growing a bunch of new feathers all over. everyone looks happy and healthy.
All my roosters (3) are loosing their tail feathers too. I thought it might be picking but haven't seen anyone do anything yet.
all birds molt.
just like animals shed their fur.
Yes, ALL chickens molt, regardless of sex or breed. Some molt harder than others, though, so you may not notice it or they may be bald!
My rooster has also molted his tail feathers. They are already growing back. I can't wait to see his pretty tail again!
thanks everyone now i won't worry. i was wondering if something bad was up but i havn't seen any pecking or any other problems.
that just explains where all the feathers are comming from in the coop.
no one is bald though. i can't waite to see his pretty tail again. he looks so funny without it. we laugh at him.
he's still the great protector though.

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