Do mama hens leave an injured chick?

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    I heard loud chirping out in the pen/coop area. I knew it was the babies, so I ran out there and two of them were out "free roaming" which was surprising. Mama hen was still inside but seemed to ignore them. I grabbed both babies and brought them in with mama, who was inside a house. One chick ran under her and she let it, but the other one, who still hasn't gotten it's "running" legs yet, she seemed to want nothing to do with. It's cold and rainy outside so I brought the little bugger in and put under a brooder lamp. It's wings are torn fairly badly and I see a little blood but unable to find the source. I went out to grab another chick (I only have three) to put it in with the little one and that darned thing pecked it and pecked back out with mama it went.

    The poor little thing is just a chirpin' away for mama. Any suggestions?

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    Jul 21, 2011
    A mother hen will abandon a deformed chick. There might be a reason you can't see that it "hasn't gotten its running legs yet".

    I'd just try to keep the chick inside, warm and fed as if it didn't have a mother. If you have a small stuffed animal to put in the box with it, that might help it feel less alone.
    If it's healthy enough to live, it will. It might peep its head off but you can't do anything about that really. All the motherless peeps make a lot of noise.

    You could also just have a bad mother hen. I think its uncommon but it does happen. If she abandons the rest, you will have to bring them in, too.
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    Quote:I agree with this. I would put a stuffed animal or feather duster in there for it to snuggle with.

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