Do Muscovy ducklings develop slower? * Pics added


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Jun 15, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hiya, I have a 3 week old black Muscovy duckling. He was the only one of 12 to make it to lock down. I had to assist the hatch as it was 3 days over due. He was tucked up tightly in the egg facing the wrong way with his beak under his wing so there was no way he would have made it alone. He was the smallest duckling I've seen he fit in the palm of my hand

He has a wonky beak and his right leg splays out so nits been strapped as he couldn't walk. He doesn't seem to be growing as fast as I would expect my other duckling have all been huge at 3 weeks but little Herbie is still the size of a newborn. This is my first time with Mucovies though so I'm not sure if they develop slower or not. He eats and drinks fine
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Hi Mrslb,

Poor little thing. It does sound like nature intended for him not to survive, if you had to help him out of the egg, and maybe for good reason. Sorry to sound harsh, as it is usually with hindsight that we learn these things. I probably would have done exactly the same as you and helped him out and loved him and his specialness to bits, cos I am a total softy! I hope he does grow and live, but maybe it won't be so upsetting if you don't expect much of him at this stage. You never know, he might surprise you and have a really strong survival instinct! Good luck with the little chappy:fl
He certainly seems to be a little fighter, I'd never seen a little duckling tear across the room to chase the cat away from me before today!
My husband calls him my guard duck as he won't let another animal near me! I'm hoping his fighting spirit is a good sign
He seems to be growing slowly but he's still tiny. I'm not sure if upping his protein or calories would have any effect?
Here's some pics of him when he was hatched will update as soon as I find my camera lead

He's still going strong causing as much trouble as possible! I had a Khaki cambell duckling hatch on his own so they are living together now. Poor little Herbie is not much bigger than the 3 day old duckling though but at least he's got a friend.
Will post some more pics when I can find my camera lead
You know nature does what it does. He may be a Spätzünder. A German term for something that starts late. This is a term used for bombs or fireworks that get lit and fire late. Not in a negative way. We now use this term for anything that comes late. That can be someone who doesn't get it right away. Lets say you tell a joke, everyone laughs, and then Joe catches on late. You sometimes have animals that are delayed and later they catch up. So don't give up on this duck. It's fine as long as it seem to be happy otherwise. Oddities have been used all over the world to develop new breeds. Enjoy your duck, give him all the nutrition needed, and let nature take care. It's a cutie.

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