do my chickies have worms?

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  1. So ive noticed some of the chickens (i know a few in particular) have really watery stool, one have like long white strands but they didnt look like worms. any ideas why? its not like they had one or to but its starting to become regular [​IMG] If its worms how can i fix it??? and is it ok if the ones with regular stool to have some antibotics if i put it in like the water?
  2. come on, i know theres people on here who've had chickens with worms
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    You stated in your first post,"long white strands but they didnt look like worms." Got a pic? I'll tell you if they're worms or not.
  4. Umm, well i dont have a picture but im not sure if they were worms or iregular urates (i think thats what the white stuff in the poo is)

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