Do my girls need a rooster?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by noahsark, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    I had 6 light brahmas, one rooster, 5 hens..they have been with eachother for 5 years, and always travle together..this morning i found Mike the rooster dead..the girls are sitting by his grave is so sad, didnt know they felt so deeply..I have a rooster in a batch of seperate chickens, that im rasing for food..he is a different breed. I wnoder if i should keep him, so they have a new leader, or do they need one...Hes a dominanat rooster, and i wonder if he killed Mike..No way to know..its so sad..i have to decide by fri (when they go to get culled) if i should keep him or not...

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    You do not need a rooster. Your top hen will take on most of the rooster responsabilities (notice I said most). Personally though I think roosters are tons of fun & they will watch out for predators too. But its not a necessity if you are not hatching eggs from your own birds.
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    You certainly don't need one. Keep in mind that when you introduce a new older one, they may fight, and a new young one may get beaten up. My roo was KIA a few weeks ago and I haven't slept this well in 3 years! I do have an up and coming roo that I wanted for breeding, I just hope he isn't as mean or noisy as the old one. If he is, I am getting rid of him.

    It was strange, when other chickens have died or been killed the remainder never even noticed. However, this time, they seemed a little at a loss for about 2 days. They got over it quickly though and all seem a little calmer--especially the ones that he used to abuse. So... personal choice, I guess.

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