Do not do this! ugh!

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  1. kimboolah

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    I work at night, so when I get home, it's quiet in the house, so I go out and let the girls out in the yard for a bit. I change the water, feed them, tidy up (looks like they had a party in the coop sometimes!) and collect the eggs. I usually have a basket or a plastic bucket to put them in. Today, I thought it was a good idea to put 9 eggs in my lab coat pockets. Well, that was an excellent idea until I bent down to pet one of the chookies on the head......POP and a pocket full of egg. ick.

    use a basket/bucket.
  2. Casey3043

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    Been there, done that! Had some eggs in my jacket pockets, went out to get the morning newspaper and passed too close to the car. Jacket was open, pocket swung out and hit the back of the rear view mirror.....splat! Need to wash jacket! [​IMG]
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    Mar 31, 2009
    SouthEast Texas
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    Jun 6, 2009
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    I did that once.....only the eggs were in my jeans pocket. Last time I did that. [​IMG]
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    Dec 10, 2007
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    Yep. Been there. [​IMG]
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    Jul 5, 2009
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    I only get about two eggs a day so I tend to stick them in my jeans pocket. Every time I do it, I think.... just a matter of time! But I still do it.

    Still waiting for the splat.
  7. b.hromada

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    messy messy!! [​IMG]
  8. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    Been there and done it LOL! Messy indeed!

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