Do peacocks "bond".....tormented I made a big mistake. Need advice.

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    New member as of an hour ago specifically to get info asap. I do find this site a bit confusing for a technically challenged new member, Bear w/me if I can't figure out how to continue the "thread".
    This spring 3 young peacocks appeared in my yard...2 females,1 male. Before that, have had only dogs and cats as pets. Fell in love w/them very quickly. They free ranged in my backyard and I provided cracked corn, game bird feed, lettuce and fresh water. They stuck around and seemed to stay very close to my house; mostly in the backyard.....8 acres woods and grass. They were here every day.
    I live in central NY and knew I had to decide what to do very soon to keep them safe, warm, and well taken care of. It can get very cold w/lots if snow. Seriously considered having an enclosed pen w/heat and shelter built. For various reasons, I knew (reluctantly) it would not be practical.
    Even though they stuck close by, I was always worried about, hawks, an occasional coyotes, I've been told. Therefore the enclosed pen idea.
    I started in early Sept. to make calls to various local rescue groups in the finger lakes region. Found a funded farm santuary willing to take them. Went to look at it and was satisfied they would be well taken care of. Would be in fully enclose pen w/heated shelter. They have 1 male peacock already. They wanted to keep my 3 seperate from the existing male who seems happily housed w/ a few chickens and another type of small farm birds (can't remember name).
    A week ago I came home 7:00pm to find them in my front yard. I noticed they had started to sneak in the front. I live on a highway w/ a 55 mi per hr limit...65 if no cops around.
    Before my very eyes, I saw them cross the highway, They almost got hit. A car had to swerve and blew the horn. I panicked. Came to tears. Nothing I could do.
    Called another rescue next am to catch and take them to santuary. After 2 dys of trying, all 3 were caught. Very sad for me, but couldn't bear seeing them hit.
    One of the rescue people has 2 males as pets currently housed in 10' fenced area w/shelter, no top fencing. They live close by on very rural rd. They do know they love their other animals I did not know they had peacocks until after the rescue.
    He asked me if I wouldn't mind giving him one of the females. I was so upset after the whole thing, I reluctantly said ok. The other female and male were taken to the farm santuary. This took place this past Thursday
    I am tormented that I should have left all 3 together. They were always so physically a happy family. I did notice one female was dominent to the other. Not sure which he has. I may be able to undo this. Maybe not. Should I try? (will make a jerk of myself, I know) Is the one "missing" the other 2 and vice versa?
    Sorry this is so long. If you read this to this point, Thanks
  2. I would not worry about it at all. Although they certainly seem to recognize each other, I have seen no evidence of pair or group bonding. My hens frequently get moved to different males during the season with no problem.
  3. ...and just as an FYI, if you could have provided only minimal sheltering but no enclosure, they probably would have been just fine at your place. Peas are very adaptable to weather unless they are greens. They are also very good at avoiding predators.

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