Do Pinless Peepers actually work?

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    Hey everyone...I have a few questions about Peepers. I have two buff Orpingtons that I absolutely love! They are very kind to me, but I have noticed that they are plucking my other chickens feathers. It is odd, because they are not at the top of the pecking order. They also do not chase or really bully other chickens; they just like eating feathers. I have separated them from the flock for a week, and gave them lots of protein. This has worked in the past for my other birds. But, when I put my Orps back in today, they immediately went back to feather eating. I even set out boredom busters in the pen to distract them, but they seemed intent on eating my other hens', and even my rooster's, feathers. All my hens have access to oyster shells, so I don't think it could be a calcium problem. I can't let them pick on my other girls like this, but I love my Orps so much that I don't want to get rid of them. I was thinking of using pinless peepers on them. I have never used these before, and I have always thought they were sort of cruel. However, I have no choice. Does any one have any good or bad experiences with peepers? And if they do work, can I take them off after they stop plucking, or will they just go back to their old ways?


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    There seems to be folks on both sides of the fence on this particular product. Type 'pinless peepers' into the BYC search box. There are a lot of old threads that discuss them. Good luck!
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