Do roosters crow more when they are cockerels?

We have a Houdan and two Silkie cockerels, about 5-6 months old. The Houdan was very noisy but the past couple weeks has cut his normal crowing in half. The silkie roos were quiet crowing rarely.. now they don't shut up.

I know that's what roosters do but was hoping the constant crowing was a juvenile hormonal thing as our neighbors roos crow only a few times a day, whereas our little silkies are noisy boogers.(For anyone wondering, they all have their preferred ladies and get along just fine so far, never seen any aggression.)
The one we had never slowed down---crowed a lot as a cockerel and just as much as an adult. I sold him just before he reached 2 yrs. We had no other roosters, but you could hear others in the distance all day, maybe he was answering them.
You're hoping he will slow/quiet down? :lol:

I think it depends more on the individual bird and sometimes their environment.
If with other males they likely will all crow more.

It doesn't bother me at all, I find it funny in a way. But we have an elderly neighbor 150 yards away who likes to sit on his porch at dawn and while he hasn't said anything he may not want to hear Houdan and the silkies band. Nothing we can do about it but hope I guess.

And damn those little bantams have some lungs on them!
Actually yes they do. In my experience cockerels seem to crow way more than the adults. I've noticed their constant crowing tapers off by the time they're 12-18 months old. But if you have more than one rooster they can get into crowing contests that can be an all day chorus. :barnie :he
And some boys just like to crow :)

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