Do roosters ever mount other roosters?

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    I bought a black leghorn hen today (assumed she was a hen as she had feathers pulled out from a roo mounting her) but she looks very big and has a huge comb for a hen :S her wattle doesn't hang down as low as in pictures I've seen of roosters but I'm still not sure. She has very long yellow legs, a huge comb and huge white earlobes. She is very pretty but I'm not sure [​IMG] I would love a roo but we aren't allowed one on our sized land (the council doesn't allow roosters on land smaller than 1000m^2 for obvious reasons) we've only got about 600-800m^2.

    Tonight's her first night so I guess if nothing else we'll know in the morning [​IMG]

    On another note, I have been hearing a brilliant cock-a-doodle-doo every morning since I moved in, then last wheek when my parents came to visit they said they saw a big rooster wandering around down the side of our house! He must be a pet that's escaped or been dumped and I think he's being attracted by our girls [​IMG] I'd actually love him to get in, as I said I'd love a roo [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Many hen breeds have very large combs and wattles. My son use to tell me all the time that my australorp HAD to be a rooster - I think those big red combs/wattles just really stand out on black birds. Can you post a pic of your hen for verification??

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