Do Roosters know?

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    May 1, 2010
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    Do roosters know which pullets are laying?

    Some back-story. I have three age groups in my flock:
    24 weekers - 4 EE's and 4 white silkies.
    22 weekers - the "variety pack"
    18 weekers - 4 Blue Wheaton Ameracaunas and 2 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

    2, possibly 3, of my EE's are laying, and so are my Cuckoo Marans and Barred Rock from the 22 weekers. Bogie is my Exchequer Leghorn roo, also a 22 weeker. This evening, I observed him mating 2 of the EE's and both the Marans and the Barred Rock. He didn't so much as look at any of the other ladies, even the two exchequer pullets!

    Does he know?!?

    And while I've got you here, do I have this right:
    An EE + a non-EE (ie Bogie)= an EE
    An Ameracauna + a non-Ameracauna= an EE?
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    Roosters know when the ladies are *ahem* sexually mature. Grown up roosters do, anyway. "Teenaged" roosters do NOT care and will try to mount anything they can grab and get onto.

    And yes, EE + other breed = EE, and that's why some EEs do not lay blue or green eggs, even though they may have the beard and/or muffs, or green legs.

    Ameurecana and any other breed = EE is correct.

    All EEs are mutts, but not all mutts are EEs. [​IMG]
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    Absolutely they know. I had an EE hen that was just coming into lay her Rooster, a Golden Sebright, knew. He actually jumped into the nesting box which we had on the coop floor to start and he was clucking to her and looking around the corner to her; she was looking around the corner looking to him and he would lay down and pick up litter as if showing her what to do. All of sudden she bolted out the coop door and left him in the nesting box. Most amazing display in nature that I have ever witnessed. Roosty was a teenager.

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