Do Seramas require heat???


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Ok, first I have never raised them myself. I have 4 Serama chicks right now and it looks like they are not going to sell, I might as well get some info on them. Do they require heat during the cold months. I am In North Central Indiana and it does get pretty cold here. Right now they are with their mama (showgirl) and she is doing a great job keeping them warm in the brooder box in an unheated area. My only other alternative is to bring them inside and I don't think my hubby would be pleased with that thought since 2 of them are little roos (crowing).
This is my first year in Seramas and I'm down in TN but I'm told they require at least access to a heated area yes.

The man I got mine from keeps all of them warm all winter in an RV trailer.

Mine will have to do with a warmed area they can use in the banty pen with everyone else.
We are in SWVA and plan to offer heat when the temps dip below 40 at night, for the fully feathered birds. Anyone who isnt fully feathered will have heat sooner.
I am in upper west AL, Mine do fine without any heat. They are protected from wind and the elements, as should all birds be. We only get a few nights in the teens here. I will say mine were hatched here & raised here, so they may be acclimated to my area.

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