Do silkies need a special walk-up??

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    Our silkies are 5 months old and we have yet to see them walk up the little "ladder" to their coop. Ours is a 2x4 with tree branches about 1 1/2" thick as the rungs of the ladder. This is the same design we use for our LF coop and even our tractor where we stage chicks. All of the other birds walk up them just fine. We've found the silkies in the rain, in the snow, at night... they always just stand at the base of their coop. Is it a sight issue? Though our Polish walks up it alright too. I don't know what to do but it's frustrating that they can't seem to put themselves into the coop. The silkie hen should start laying any time now and I would really like her to lay her eggs in the coop rather than on the ground, but once we get them out of their coop, they don't go back in until we put them in at night. We have tried leaving them in in the morning but they will stay in their coop all day and never leave. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Mine are the same way. I think it is a sight issue. Poor Rita has the big beautiful crest and looks like a show Silkie. I had to trim her crest and beard around her eyes just so she can see better. The boys have finally figured out the ramps, the girls have not.
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    I have a silkie and the first week of having her she used to sit at the bottom of the ladder at night and huddle down for the night, it was a bit of a nightmare as I have a base entry into the coup which is right at the back and the coupe is only 2.5' off the floor so rain or shine I got on all 4's and popped her up and under the way she needs to get into the coup. She protested every night but eventually got the hang of it and now takes herself to bed every night. Good luck

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