Do some mixed breed laying hens never lay eggs?


7 Years
Mar 2, 2014
...this may seem counterintuitive, but do some mixed breed laying hens, who have genetic traits of multiple breeds never lay eggs? This is more along the lines of breeding a horse and donkey and coming up with a pain in the ***...

Thanks for the help
No, all breeds of chickens are the same species. An individual hen of any breed or cross might not lay due to various factors. Crossing them is not normally a problem..
A horse and a donkey are different species. You can breed several different breeds of the same species and they reproduce just fine---hence the glut of "designer" (mixed breed) puppies in the US.

I've had hens that had at least 4 different breeds in them, and they're laying champs.
Ha! That makes perfect sense.

I have two hens that are a cross between a production red and an orpington. They have red heads, yellow bodies and as far as I can tell a huge appetite but seldomly lay eggs. Maybe the gals are a bit older than the seller had lead me to believe.

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