Do Spitzhaubens come in any other color besides silver spangled?


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Apr 18, 2009
Southeast Alabama
I have 2 with the black spots on white, which I am told is "silver spangled." I saw a picture of a solid black spitz somewhere, I thought. Does anyone know if they come in other colors besides spangled? Do you have any photos?
Spitzhabuens are a black and white breed butin the UK there is a pure black bird in this breed. "Feathersite" show only the Spangled bird and the following description is given. "proper plumage markings are black-tipped feathers, rather than the larger moonlike spangles found on Hamburgs. In the UK there is also a Black version of this breed"
Maybe that's the picture I saw when I was searching one day. I love the 2 that I have. They will climb up on anything and are very friendly and curious. My husband built me a nice 3-tiered roost and these 2 gals love to sit at the very top.
I would love to see one with a gold laced pattern. I did a google search a few days ago and only saw the ones like I have, except the one head shot of a black one. These are 2 of my favorite pullets, so I wish they came in more colors. They are so pretty and mild-tempered. I will have to show off some pictures of them soon.
Here is what a gold spangled Spitz looks like. So far, only the silver spangled are available in the US. However, there may be some coming out soon.

I do too, they are beautiful birds!

There WAS a guy on Eggbid that had some but he was crossing with the Silver Spangled roo over golden spangled pullets.

I dont know if they were crossed with Brabanters but heck, try them out!

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