Do Swedish Drakes ever sit on eggs?


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Nov 21, 2018
Sebastopol, California
I have 2 Cayugas and 2 Swedish ducks. One Cayuga has gone broody. One of the Swedish ducks we are 90% sure is a male. It's larger than the other 3, specifically its head, and has a green sheen to its plumage on its head like they say the males do. It doesn't have a sex feather but I've heard that not all males have it. Its name is Spot. The broody Cayuga is Pluto. Spot is switching off with Pluto sitting on the eggs. Pluto sits on them 95% of the time but when she gets up to eat or get water, Spot will temporarily take over. Has anyone seen this in drakes? Or do I just have a large female with a male characteristics?

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