Do the wing patterns of BR banty chicks reflect gender? (Pics)

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by griswell, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Okay, here are three of our nine chicks, now 12 days old. The other six have tiny little wing feathers, or no wings at all (well, little stubbies, anyway.) [​IMG] Actually, the smallest chick in the group is about half the size of the largest...does this mean they are perhaps not the same hatch date?

    Anyway, back to these three. Does the banding color on the wings of these have anything to do with gender at this age, or is it just different stages of development?

    Thanks for all the info guys!

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    I don't know if it is any different with banties, but when BR chicks are that young, I've been told that if the white on top of the head is a nice round spot, it is most likely female, while if the white is more diffuse, it is male. When they are a little older the barring is darker in the female. But again, I don't know if there are differences in banties that I'm not aware of.
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    The Roo is laying in the plate you can see his head color

    The 3 darker ones are now egg laying age and give really pretty light brown eggs

    The Grey one Mr Grey is a Roo.


    They aren't banty these are regular BR so I dont know if the same rule applies but you can wait till they are 5 weeks old roos in my BR's feather slower than the females.
    Wings come in pretty fast but the rest of the body feathering takes longer.
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    Yes. What I've noticed with the Dominique chicks I've hatched in the past is that the best way for me to know the sex of them for certain is to look at the first wing feathers that they develop. The males have a much broader white barr than the females.

    While I don't have any awesome photos of the wings spread like you have, here are some shots that show what I mean.

    This first shot has one little boy in front. The rest are girls.


    Probably the same little boy from the first picture. Notice how wide the white barr is.


    On the pictures you posted, I'd say the last 2 are definitely female. They almost lack the white barr completely. The first picture, I'd suspect male. The white barr doesn't look huge to my eye, but that's going to depend on the line. And breed could be a factor too. I'm accustomed to Dominiques, which are similar but different from Barred Rocks. [​IMG] As they grow and feather out, you will discover that you can pick the males out from a distance better than from close up. From a distance they will be visibly lighter than the females. By 3 weeks, it becomes blatantly obvious.
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    The first picture is a roo the other 2 pullets. I dont have bantys but standard BR. Larger head spots and lighter color indicates roo. Darker color no or little headspot pullet. I am sure this applies to bantys too, since they are smaller version
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    Boy, girl, girl
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    Wow! Thanks everybody! [​IMG]

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