Do their personalities change when they mature?

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    We have 2 definite roos (one 14 weeks, one about 10 weeks) and 2 probable ones (maybe 7 weeks?). The 2 younger ones are definitely going to freezer camp - woo hoo! they are such little bullies! But, we are planning on keeping the two older ones. The oldest, a BO, is very sweet and docile, though pretty passive. The 2nd oldest, a BR, has asserted himself as head of the coop but is still pretty sweet. He LOVES my husband and always tries to hop on his shoulder.

    But, will all this sweetness change when they get their "big boy" hormones? Do the mean roos start acting that way early or does it happen as they mature. No one will be staying in our coop that starts attacking my kids, regardless of how "sweet" he used to be, yk?
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    Yes, I believe that their personalities will change as they grow up. I am new to chickens this year and have noticed a huge personality changes in my girls who are now approaching 5 months old. The sweetest and smallest bird has gone from being the lowest in rank to the highest, even wanting to place ME in this order! All the girls have developed and changed in many different ways.And I have also heard many stories of how a good roo has gone bad.

    I HAVE hatched and raised quail for years and I CAN tell you that the sweetest roo's can become monsters when the hormones turn on. Quail mature at about 6 months old, and I have noticed at about 10 months, some of my males become real monsters!! Especially the sweeter ones that once ate from my hands or came running when I came packing goodies, now BITE the hand that feeds them or will fly up at my face to attack me! (Bobwhites. NEVER raise Bobwhites LOL) If these males were chicken roosters, I would have been spurred to death by now!

    So I am not trying to scare you or anything, and I may be WAY off the mark here, but I would think that chicken roosters are no different and that they can radically change in personality as they grow. [​IMG]
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    Some change for the better.. some change for the worse.. all birds are individuals..

    I have had super sweet roosters end up going to freezer camp
    and I have had some who got more mellow with age

    all depends on the individual

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