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??Do these breeds usually get along with other breeds??

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by braeveokapi4, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. braeveokapi4

    braeveokapi4 In the Brooder

    Aug 23, 2010
    I've had a backyard flock for 4 years now, started with two orphaned chicks who grew up to be roosters (unfortunately no longer with me.) Currently my flock has 3 roos and 19 hens, oh and my peafowl pair and muscovy duck pair:lol:

    Anyway a few days ago I purchased 4 new hens from our county fair; a bearded belgium d'anver quail hen, a belgium d'uccle mille fluer hen, a speckled sussex hen, and a sicilian buttercup hen. As always, my other birds are bullying them a bit to show who's top rank of this roost! These hens all live with one half of my flock which is made up of 3 hybrid brown layers, 4 mut bantam hens, and 2 bantam mut roos. Yes theyre muts, but I love them. I cant even tell what they are mixes of because they are from a neighbor that had many breeds more than 20 years ago! Thats many generations of mixing going on! Should I be concerned about these hens and mixing them together? So far they get along and even sleep together.

    I was not really aware until recently that some breeds of chickens really just dont like being mixed with others?

    In case anyone is interested: The other half of my flock is made up of 1 mut bantam roo and 2 mut bantam hens, 1 silver-penciled hamburg hen, and 5 white rock hens. I have a good freind who has a backyard mixed flock of hens, geese, and ducks that is trading her bantam polish for two or three of my white rocks:)

    Thanks All! Happy Flocking!

  2. crazygoatlady915

    crazygoatlady915 Songster

    Mar 30, 2011
    Awww. I'd say your ok. If you need re-assurance, let me tell you about MY flock (who all get along like family!):
    1 RIR
    2 BPR's
    1 Partrdige Rock
    1 Cuckoo Maran
    1 Copper Maran
    3 Sicilian Buttercups (love them!)
    1 Araucana
    1 Ameracana
    1 Red Shouldered Yokohama
    4 Silkie Bantams (1 Splash, 2 White, 2 Black)
    1 Cochin (Partridge)
    1 Egyptian Fayomis
    2 Polish (Buff)
    1 Australorp

    And I forget how old they are, but they came over a period of 2 years, all at different times! I think in general, chickens get along well. However, it is rare that bantams and chickens will get along well, my silkies kinda get beat up!
  3. polishchickens111

    polishchickens111 Songster

    Jun 1, 2011
    Over there
    You should be OK. My flock is all mixed breeds!

    However, this might fit better in the "Managing your flock section." It's OK, newbie mistake. [​IMG]
  4. kinsey228

    kinsey228 Songster

    Jun 28, 2011
    Chesterville, Maine
    My flock is all mixed also. Everyone seems to be getting along.

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