Do these chickens look "show" quality or "pet" quality?


12 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Ok i would really like to know what some of my chickens are rated, "show quality" or "pet quality". Any information you can give me that is not very show quality about one of my birds would be great. i am thinking about getting into showing my chickens so i thought i would try and learn a little about showing them. Thanks!
First off is Sanga my barred rock hen:


And here are my EEs (here we have an EE section i dont knwo if there is reallly any way to saqy for sure how good the bird is in show quality sence they are mutts)
Stripes and EE/game hen

And Lily my EE/EE hen:

Here is my new hampshire red hen named Kelly pickler:

And my Porcelain d'uccle bantam hen named rain:

I will try and get more pictures of my flock that i would be interested in showing.. Thanks!
I don't know much about those breeds, but I would say order the APA book of standards. That gives all the information and quailifications for each breed. I think that your d'uccle looks good, are some of her feet feathers broken? I know that you want to have the least amount of feather damage as possible. Good luck!
I thought about getting that book a while back ago. one of my friends said i could barrow it. And yes her feathers on her feet are broken but that is an older pic, i have been working with her for about 1 year now so i think she does look better now.

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