Do they ever happen in VERMONT?

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  1. I've never been to a chicken-anything, and totally want to go!!! The only thing is, I live in Central Vermont, and I have little kids, and hate driving... do we get them close to us ever?

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    Yes, they do! I have never been, and I don't want to go - but I've heard that there are chicken swaps via the Vermont Bird Fanciers - They seem semi-organized - note old dates on website. I've also never been able to get on their email list. They sometimes post on craigslist when the swaps are. I've sometimes seem them listed in Backyard Poultry Mag. Operative word being "sometimes". Their events rotate around the state, roughly once a month, I think? in the Spring - Summer - Fall.
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    I know i saw on a thread here that there are two swaps in southern VT, one in october, and one in november. I have a friend up in st. Johnsbury who want's to go, but they all seem too far. We here in NH also run into the issue of all the swaps being in the southern part of the state. LOL
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    we have some going on here in VT and are trying to expand more and more. A good way to get something closer to you is to attend one if possible and talk to some of the members about getting a place close to you to hold a swap. If you need more info you can contact me here anytime and I will try to get back to you. And whomever mentioed the site they are right about the poor upkeep we are looking for someone to take over the site if anyone is interested in the club and web design please let us know!

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