Do they need grit for house flies??

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    I know the "to grit or not to grit...." has been repeated over and over and over and I'm sorry to make yet another post about this [​IMG] But I swear I searched for this first..... honestly [​IMG]

    Ok here's the thing. Chickies are in my sunroom, and we have actually been feeling a touch of spring way up here in the North, which means the lovely house flies are coming out of hiding, and are most populous in my sunroom. They seem to be attracted to the brooder lights, which gives my chicks endless entertainment, and I'm sure they are fine for them to eat, but they haven't been given anything other than 20% starter crumbles. Is it okay for them to eat the house flies, or should I be putting sand in there for them?? There is no way I could stop them from eating the flies.... there everywhere!!!

    Thanks a bunch [​IMG]
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    I would put some grit in there just to be on the cautious side. I've always heard any kind of "treat" that isn't their normal food they should have grit with it. Soo better to error on the side of caution!
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    Apr 10, 2009
    In my brooder I keep some dirt (80% sand from the backyard), some parakeet grit and some granite grit. The finer it is the more I offer them. They went crazy for it the first day and have now settled down about it. But it's cool because I can give them yummy stuff like worms.
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