Do they see ME as the cockerel??

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    Hi, I have a little flock of chickens and three are adults. I have taken pride is asserting myself as the head of this flock, as I read the cockerel wont be agressive if he thinks I'm in charge. BUT my cockerel isn't mating with the two hens. I have studied closely - he is crowing, being dominant towards the two hens, but shows me no aggression at all and lets me pick him up and everything. The hens are ready to be mating, they stoop when I am near them so I assume they want me to mate with them. Is it normal for a cockerel to not mate with his hens as he thinks im the head of the flock and that they are my hens??
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    He might be shy [​IMG]. Try not watching and crack an egg open to see if it's fertilised
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    Lots goes on when you aren't looking. Don't assume nothing is happening. If it isn't, he's gaining confidence.

    And no, the pullets know you aren't a rooster. They are submitting to the boss, which is you right now, and they are ready to submit to a mate. I have certain hens who still squat for me and my DH, even though they regularly squat for the rooster in charge, too. The rooster and the hens recognize us as the heads of the flock around here.
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    Thank you both for your wise words! I regularly fry one of their eggs but I'm not good at being certain whether it's fertilised or not.
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    Panic over. I saw him dismount her and she ruffled her feathers so he's deffo doing the business. [​IMG]

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