Do varoius breeds grow at various rates?


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Feb 6, 2010
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When I bought my chicks last week, they were all 5 - 6 days old, and they were all pretty much the same size.
A Buff O, RIR, BPR, 2 Aracauna's, and a Australorps.

The Australorps was SLIGHTLY larger, but not by very much at all. I suspect that it may have been a few days, maybe a week older.
but today, it is almost TWICE the size of the other chicks!

I'm thinking that the crickets I gave them all yesterday, acted like STEROIDS on the Australorps ! LOL!

so do different breeds grow at different rates ???
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Very much so. It's fun to watch them grow at different rates, isn't it? When I raise my Cuckoo Marans with my other breeds, like Ameraucanas, the Marans tower over the others.
Thanks for the replies,
OK, so do Australorps generally grow quicker than the other breeds ?
or should I just assume that she is older than the rest of them ?

just curious here,
because if she continues to go at this rate, ...I'm figuring she will be Emu sized in about 2 months !
I may need to start looking for a saddle ! LOL!

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