Do vitamins cause watery poo?????


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
hello ive been treating my 1 yr.old bantam cochin for wry neck.i give her 3 drops of polyvisol and a vit.e twice a day since sunday.shes eating pretty good and drinking but i noticed her poo is very that the vits. or something else i need to worry about?
thanks for any advise...
I haven't heard of vitamins causing watery poop. Certainly antibiotics can do it. As long as there are solids in her droppings, I wouldn't be too concerned however, you might take her temperature (normal is 103-105) to see if perhaps she has an infection and feel her abdomen to see if its getting enlarged. Sometimes, chickens get their digestive track blocked by eating inedible things and the solids can't get through but the bile and urates can pass giving watery droppings.
dont mean to sound stupid,but how do you take their temps.?the last couple of poos were totally liquid but it had the green and white in it.

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