Do Welsummer chicks really grow much faster?


Apr 17, 2018
Jackson, NJ
We bought a chick that we were told hatched 5/27. We later purchased a cream Legbar chick, hatched 6/2, and a cochin hatched 5/27.

The welsummer is twice the size of both. The cochin was the same size as the legbar even though it was a week older
I say was, because I found it dead this morning, no signs of trauma.

3 chicks.jpg
. The picture from top to bottom: Welsummer, Cochin, Legbar.

Lady of McCamley

Free Ranging
11 Years
Mar 19, 2011
NW Oregon
I have not experienced my Welsummer chicks growing exponentially faster than other medium size breeds.

I think what you might have been seeing is the difference between a Bantam Cochin (same age) with a younger chick, by nearly a week, (Cream Legbar) vs. the older chick (Welsummer).

Chicks grow very fast, and 1 week can make a lot of difference in size. By 2 weeks, they are little flying sparrows vs the fuzzy lumps with legs.

You might also have experienced some failure to thrive in the Cochin.

My thoughts.

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