do you buy egg cartons?


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Jul 20, 2010
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I have asked everyone I know to save egg cartons for me but I am running out. I am thinking about giving a discount on eggs if you bring a carton. I have a few customers that bring their cartons back, but 2 weeks ago a guy stopped and bought 6 dozen eggs and hasn't been back. I lost 6 cartons! Right now I charge $2 a dozen. Thinking about saying that an egg carton is worth $0.25 so however many cartons you bring, you can get that taken off your bill. I think people would bring their cartons back if I did that. I am thinking about ordering some cartons though and making some labels to put on them. I found a place online where I can get 25 cartons for 19.95 and free shipping. Doesn't sound too bad does it?
No, I do not buy egg cartons. My customers, co-workers, family and friends keep them for me. Most people that sell eggs give discounts to their customers who return egg cartons. That would be a good idea. Your pricing sounds in line as everyone else. You can also post on craigslist that you are looking for FREE egg cartons. If you have FreeCycle group, you can post in your group. Let your family, friends, co-workers, church members or anyone you know that you would like for them to keep egg cartons for you. Your idea is a good idea.

I have been selling eggs for MANY years and I have never bought egg cartons. Right now, I have several hundred egg cartons in my garage. I have so many egg cartons, I can give egg cartons away to people. I have never purchases egg cartons, so I don't know what they cost.

Good Luck collecting eggs. Keep me posted.
80 cents each seems like a lot for cartons. I have gotten plain ones on sale at our feed store for 0.25 each. I don't sell a lot of eggs, just have 6 hens and mostly give them away to family or friends when I have extra. But I have a few people who give me cartons and I always have plenty. just put out the word to a few people and you should have plenty soon. The discount for bringing back cartons is a good idea too.

I did find some free on Craigslist. A hatchery ordered too many or went out of business and someone picked up about 1000 cartons so she posted them to share with others. I took about 100 and will probably never use them. Should probably repost for someone else
Well I can feel your pain. I have asked everyone to save them for me and so far I only have like 20 egg cartons and that includes 10 that I purchased from Tractor Supply for 50 cents a piece. That deal for 25 cartons for $20 is not really a deal once you figure that each one is costing you 80 cents.

Break it down like this ~
Dozen eggs ----->$2.00
Minus carton ---->$0.80
Minus discount -->$0.25
Profit on sale ---->$0.95 Per dozen before you factor in the cost of feed per hen per day.

That don't leave much wiggle room. I just want to make enough money to cover the cost of feed and maybe a little more so I can afford to expand, or maybe grow some lettuce, cabbage, etc. I will also need to paint the coop soon, so it would be nice if they could pay for themselves.
I recall one time buying egg cartons at the feed store and with tax it cost me 75 cents for 2.

My elderly neighbors give me egg cartons. I have tried finding them in recycle bins. Some local colleges have recycle programs where they list free stuff.Gotta check mine!

A discount will help. I just give the neighbors some free eggs every so often to show my appreciation,but lol,you have to run to keep them from paying for the eggs!
That seems kind of expensive. Check for the misprints; they are much cheaper. Also, you may have to buy in larger quantity, but will save by doing so.
I got about 100 from a woman on CL, who worked for a group home. She saved the cartons, and just wanted some eggs in exchange for them. Now that people at work know I need them, I have them coming out of my ears. I'm running out places to store them! If you lived close by, I'd give them to you.
Check CL for an ad, and if you don't find one, place your own ad. Surely you'll be able to find some very cheap or free, and recycle in the process. Good luck!
We just bought 400 egg cartons from egg carton .com for $139.00 We sell about 10 doz a week right now.. about 30 cents or so a carton..
I was really stressing out about not having egg cartons... so I just bought them. I still ask people to bring me back the empties but now I always have something to put them in

They have all different types there and you can buy in different quanties as well. The ones I bought have all the nutrient info on it and it just says eggs from our farm on the top... we have a stamp that puts our farm name on the bottom of the cover. They did not charge us shipping
thanks I have tried to get cartons but people just don't save them.

I don't live in town and I don't work (outside of the home) so it makes it difficult. CL is usually a bust since I live 30 miles from the posting area and most people that seem to look at that live 30 miles or more away. I don't go to town much so it doesn't seem to make sense. ya know?

I did some checking and found some cheaper prices--looked into the misprints and such. I may have to order some and for the person that broke down my profit- thanks.

There aren't many people around here that sells eggs so I don't think people really understand the concept.
I bought 50 cartons from EGG CARTONS.COM for $12.50 with free shipping. I think they were rejects but worked well. My customers keep me stocked up now.

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