Do you candle dark eggs?

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I have some Welsummer eggs in my incubator. I can't see a thing yet through them. (But it's only Day 5) When I compare this to my other eggs, they are easy to see through. Saw what looked like some veins starting today in one of them.

It got me wondering if I'll be able to see anything, even later in incubation?(probably not a good idea for 1st time hatching, but I REALLY wanted them) So do you candle dark eggs? If you do, when do you candle them and what do you look for?
I have some blue and green eggs I haven't been able to see other than dark mass. I candled them at day 7, then last night at day 9/10. I just know they aren't clear. They aren't rotten, or seeping either. I'll just keep checking them every few days I guess.
There are a couple brown eggs that I can't see either, but the rest of those I could. I saw movement, and veins

It's my first time hatching too. I looked on a couple web sites that showed candled eggs, and none of mine looked like the bad ones. All I can do is keep an eye on em and wait.
I did mark the ones I was unsure about with ?'s

I've found that a 100 watt flood light in a candle box allows me to see into the dark eggs. I can't see the vains in the firsts days but what i do is, if after the third day you can see right through them they won't hatch but if it darkens then you've got peeps on the way.
I usually candle on d-7, d-14 and on d-18 when I put them in the hatcher. Try looking for the air cell and tracing it with a pencil and watch it grow with each candling. If it doesn't grow then something is wrong. Compare all of your eggs.
Welsummer and Marans eggs are pigmented on the outside; it's just a coating, and the thinner coatings are easy to see through. Green, blue, and other brown eggs are pigmented within the shell itself. I can sometimes see the air sac inside them, but nothing else. I just keep turning them until day 18 and keep my fingers crossed!
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Well I'll just keep going and

On some of them I can see the dark spot, so I guess that's good. I'll check again next week and compare.

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