Do you chop their food


Jun 5, 2020
Sorry one more question, while I am at it. Sorry, as I said, I am new and I have a million questions.
Do you chop up their veggies so that the chickens and ducks can swallow it better? They don't have teeth.
It seems like I am in the kitchens making them salads every day. My husband thinks I am nuts.
How would a chicken or a duck eat a carrot? Am I supposed to cook it first or chop it into very small pieces? I don't want them to choke.

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Apr 5, 2020
Cloud Nine
They can break up their food by hitting it against the ground. Actually I like to give them big pieces as it gives them something to do. You can break up their food if you want to. I do sometimes, but usually just to make sure everyone gets some.
If I see one of my chickens seemingly struggling with a piece of food I usually take it out, but they would usually be able to sort it out themselves. They're just greedy.
Of course it does depend on the food, and it's better to be safe than sorry. But they are quite clever with this kind of thing. Do what you think is right.
You wouldn't have to cook the carrot. I find my chickens prefer it cooked. But some prefer it as it is.


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Mar 21, 2020
NW Massachusetts
I will often feed things like greens or grapes whole. Something like squash or pumpkin i will half to expose the soft insides. They use their beaks and the ground, and use the little stones in the crop as teeth to grind the big pieces.

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