Do you do a family Christmas letter?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by woodmort, Dec 5, 2010.

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    There have been a lot of pro/con things on these--some nasty some downright funny--but we have always done one. Our family is so far-flung that it is about the only way we can let everyone know what we've been up to--briefly. I have a couple of rules on mine. (1) No downer stuff: illness, accidents, deaths (even pets)--my MIL got p'o'ed because I didn't mention her husband's death nor my father's but I figured anyone who was interested knew that. (2) Keep the bragging to a minimum, i.e. Johnny has graduated HS and will go to MIT next year as opposed to Johnny was chosen mostly likely to succeed, got a 4.0 and took every scholarship and prize at graduation. Basically I tell what my wife and I have been doing, where our kids and grandkids are and invite people to stop in for some free eggs. I also use a lot of pictures--actually more pictures than words-- of things like our grandson with his cello, granddaughter on the soccer field and chicks in the brooder. Having a computer and color printer helps a lot. When I'm done, we always put one in an album which is makes of a history of what we're done each year.

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    Never heard of that, but what a WONDERFUL idea!
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    So.. what do you do.. Make a copy and send each family member one at Christmas?
    Or ...
  4. I think DH's parents are very much looking forward to sending one out that can brag about DH getting his Phil degree... to one of his old (3rd grade) friend's parents and MIL's Bro's wife in particular... been a bit depressing listening to them go on and on and ON bragging about theirs for the last 15-20 years...

    We've never done that sort of thing in our family... everyone we care about already knows the good (and bad) that's happened in the year.
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    It's a tradition in my DW's father's side of the family, and I don't care for it. If we really cared about what's going on in each other's lives, wouldn't we be communicating throughout the year? The last year have been tough for the family, so there isn't a lot to say in a positive vein. It worked for them as they had a large family (6 siblings and families) spread out all over the country and often didn't see each other for years.

    Somewhere, I found a gag one that talked about all sorts of silly stuff - once I showed that one to the DW, she decided to stop.

    Woodmort, I'm sure your's would be tastifully done. I've seen some really pathetic ones over the years..... [​IMG]

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    I dislike those circular letters with a passion. If I don't mean enough to be worth a personal letter then just send me an e-card and be done with it.

    Many of those letters come across as self-centred because they can only give out information and cannot ask personalised questions of the reader. It can appear offensive and arrogant. How does the writer know that I'm interested in his year's doings anyway? If we've not been in touch all year it's probably because we don't have much interest in one another.
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    Family Christmas letter, Don't care what most of them are up to anyway. These letters has always seemed to me as a way for a person to brag about themselves. Seems self-centered,..totally against the grain of the holiday,.. IMO that is. [​IMG]
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    Quote:this is a truly fantastic way to sum up each year...unfortunately while I have tried many times to do one I get stuck, its like my imagination escapes me, so I do photo DVD diaries instead, I gather a few pics from each month/holiday and big events and add music and the grandparents love it.
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    Quote:x 2


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    Total bragfest! I get them from my sis every year how well her family was, what they did and so forth. Nice but the tone of it was rather in a sarcastic way.......not interested in keeping up with the Joneses.

    Saving the trees, email me the Christmas cards!

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