Do you ever dream of a differen tlifestyle?

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    I'm not talking lifestyles of the rich and famous here, although I am sure many do dream of that. I just sometimes feel like taking the kiddies somewhere a tad less civilized and a tab more real. We already live in a rural area so its not city life that has me wishing. Just you watch tv and everything that is going on. Politics, crime, economy uggg just can't even watch anymore without getting a burning tummy. It would be so nice to just go somewhere removed from it all. There is no utopia or paradise, everywhere has risks and dangers but it just feels like facing real natural dangers would be so much less stressful than all that. I just woke up this morning wanting to pack it all up and find somewhere to hide ya know.

    We are currently working toward building this next spring on my parents farm. So we are looking at plans that I have been drawing up and my husband is talking about adding a panic room. Thats so sad. Its a great idea for storms and such I guess even though most of our house would be underground anyway but still.... that we even have that thought come to mind. I had a neighbor in town ask why we were selling our house. She has been my neighbor since I was 6. She was so excited when we first decided to buy my parents old house, she is now very upset we are leaving. So I told her the neighborhood is just not the same as when we were kids. We have pervs living down the street despite the fact that our neighborhood has 4 schools in it. It was unheard of to have a police call in our neighborhood when I was little. When we did see one it was a neighbor and he would let kids turn on his lights now and then for fun. Now its pretty common. 2 sets of neighbors hauled off for either selling or manufacturing drugs. Holy crap. This is a nice neighborhood too. Yea its older but all nice upkept homes. What the heck. Her own husband died because some armed guys broke into their home thinking it was someone they had done "business" with. He had a heart attack. It literally scared the life out of him. She is still upset but understands now. Think she is wishing she could move with us.

    But even this is not removed enough. Find me a mountain too remote for anyone to bother with or an island too far of the beaten path to have caught anyone attention. Its just one of those dream about running away days.

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