Do you ever think humans are the most vile species on earth?????


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Mar 6, 2008
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Generally I don't. Alright, I still don't. However, one particular human just got put on my DNR list....yup, that's right, no CPR if you are dyin' baby. May I rant??????

It is doubtful, but some may remember the friend I posted about long ago....she has a SERIOUS weight problem (5' tall 300+ pounds). I have been helping her plan healthy meals, helping her choose healthy foods, talking her out of trips to McD's, gone on walks with her even though I am insanely busy, bought her an MP3 player for company so she can walk alone.....I also just made sure I am there for her. She has been suicidal and done other things I have talked her through. I ignore all her nasty little jabs...telling me my hair is getting lots of grey making me look old, telling me my yard is ugly (we had our house built 4 years ago and the yard has been a nightmare but I don't need reminded) making up lies about me to make other people not like me so she can monopolize all my time, she actually faked a heart attack when my husband got her so I would HAVE to come see her in the hospital. Scary stuff really. But THIS was too much.

She calls me all excited and tells me she met someone. I have been trying to help her find a man for YEARS, so I was happy. She starts telling me about him. He will be coming over for dinner that night, too, and has to bring along his baby. WHY you ask?????? Because he will be coming over as soon as his live in girlfriend goes to work.
He assured her they aren't having any problems (not that it matters anyway) and that he just wants something a little extra....and he has already been over to her house once.

Alright, that is all. I know, I ended that like a cheap, low budget movie. I just had to say that cause I want to scream!!! OMG.....I am so glad her level of indecency is rare!!!


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Jan 31, 2009
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Ick. Sorry you have to deal with that...and have wasted so much of your time on someone who doesn't treat you with the same caring attention that you have bestowed on her. Some people are just so content in their misery that they want to spread it around. Yes, I think humans are the most vile species on earth...also the most wonderful and inspiring. Hang in there and remain your kind, empathetic self - but no need to spend more of your energy on this one, IMO.


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May 14, 2008
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So you got her skinny so she could be indecent?

Time to have a come to Jesus chat with her... and I know you can do it.


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Jul 9, 2008
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yep - had that type of friend" myself for about 6 years - she was like a sister to me.....we were THAT close 24/7, day or night I was there for her - thru her cancer, thru her kids situations, her life name it... I was there. Flying up to see her when she lived up North and down to see her when she moved to Florida. Like twins we were... however --------

Last May - I dropped her like yesterday's newspaper; funny thing too because all of her other friends dropped her way before I did...
Too much stress, I absolutely cannot and will not tolerate liars, and it was always "pity party" time for her and how bad her life was.

My life is MUCH happier now - and may God bless her in her misery because no one else certainly will.

People come into your life for a reason - and they go out of your life for a reason as well. Its up to you to determine and decide what those reasons are. Sounds like you already know

Sorry your "friend" did that to you hun.
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Mar 6, 2008
Floresville, Texas
UGH......haven't even managed to get her "skinny" though she has lost weight.

Yes, I agree, CityClucks, people are wonderful, too.
In fact, I am a sucker for people and see the best until I have a reason not to.

Thanks guys for letting me rant. Just felt REALLY shocked!!! Kinda makes me feel sick about all the times she said "I wish I had a husband JUST like yours" because I am pretty sure what she was thinking!!! My poor hubby!!!


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May 19, 2008
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Thats just sad..very sad all around..firstly because you gave her your friendship and she did all that awful stuff to you!
And secondly, its sad that she has such low self-esteem and self respect that she has to stoop to that level just to get attention from a man...its just a sad situation, and i would distance myself from her if i were you....good luck and thanks for being such a good friend to her..even if she didnt appreciate it...i do..., Wendy

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