Do you feed your ducks free choice or do you limit their feed?


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
I am trying to figure out which would be better. My ducks are 12 weeks old.

They get about a cup of grower a day each plus veggies and fruit and they free-range.

They act like they are always hungry but I am concerned about them developing keels.
i think ducks are always hungry. especially young ones. limited feed is the best way to go, unless you are able to free range them. keep feeding them as you are and as long as they dont look poor or overweight keep to that schedule. if given the chance, they will eat you out of house and home. not to mention become obese and fertility will suffer.
They are Welsh Harlequins and Golden 300's.

I am feeding 1 cup per duck. They get 1/3 cup each at 3 feedings per day.

They are free-ranging but we don't have a pond.
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I keep food and water available all the time, mostly because my ducks live inside and will quack at the crack of dawn when the food is out...
My ducks get fed three times a day. Each feed they get enough so there is a little left when they have all finished eating. That way- if someone gets peckish in between times and is too lazy to forage they can go for a little top up. They get pellets twice a day and fruit and veg the other feed. I gauge from day to day how much to give them. If one day the scoop I need is not enough- I give them a little more the next feed.
I feed my ducks when I put them in their pen for the night------but they eat as much as they want. I put their food dish up early in the morning, and they free-range all day.
I give everybody free choice on the pellets. Only had one hen get overly fat, but she lost the extra weight when it got hot.
I give free choice and they range. The only time I cut back their feed is when I want them to range further. If you're worried about them getting fat, then put the water further away from the feed so they have to exercise to eat. If I remember correctly, the correct amount to feed (if you're not giving free choice) is to give them all they can eat in 5 minutes. Does that sound right?

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