Do you have a business card?

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  1. I am wondering how you guys came up with your farm's logo/business card design. If you can post your images or just how you decided on what you wanted that'd help tons! I had a hard enough time coming up with the name, now I want to have a sign and don't have a logo to put on it! Thanks
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    This isn't a business card, exactly, but the label I designed to use on our egg cartons. A business card would have the same logo, just with phone numbers. Obviously, with our last name, a play on the "Bacon & Eggs" theme seemed in order, LOL. I just played with my Photoshop program till I had one that I liked.
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    Feb 15, 2008
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    I had used business cards but don't anymore, maybe I'll start again. Mine turned out weird though, I had some people who wanted fertilized eggs,and some who didn't so I just put on the cards
    "fertilized eggs available upon request"
    only after I printed and handed all the things out did I realize how funny that sounded.

    Just make sure you have someone objective proof read your
    Good luck!
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    I dont really have a logo for my business, although not chicken related. I got my business cards for the cost of shipping from , they have ready made designs or they will design for you for an extra fee. They have all sorts of stuff for free or low cost. I got magnetic signs for my car for less than $10 and they are so much nicer than the single color ones you can get locally in just one color. Worth checking out, they have lots of stuff.
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    This is ours. The chicken egg label/biz card is similar but in yellow tones and says Fresh Eggs From Spoiled Hens" [​IMG]

  6. Thank you, you guys have given me some great ideas.

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