Do you have standard American Gamefowl

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    With lemon hackle, blue legs and straight comb?
    If so, I would very much like to speak with you about how I might acquire some individuals or eggs.
    No, this is no joke. I cannot post in BST because I lack 20 posts and one of the brave moderators removed my request in "breeds" and choose not move it to BST.
    Please drop me a note at [email protected].
    I am trying to save a few individuals who are the best living examples of what the original domesticated chicken looked like. I could keep some RJF but they are difficult to keep and belong in the wild. I am interested only in gamefowl because they are the closest domesticated relative of the RJF and are the only population that has not been bred primarily to promote mutations (they have been bred for at least 500 years to promote the fittest individuals). Informed persons will recognize that I am not interested in pit activities which have nothing to do with color characteristics.
    Interesting photo of RJF cock with hen of some domesticated linage.
    (Please Mr. Moderator, help me save the "wild type" genes and spare me this time or move to BST.)
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    Try Cackle Hatchery. At least some of the games in images are blue-legged. Type is off relative to wild-type. You will likely be fishing through other mutations to get to desired end point of wild-type looking games so some color section on you part likely required.

    My birds comes close to wild-type but have yellow skin causing willow legs. A few current stags are by-products of linebreeding to hen side thus have little value for me. Biggest problems beyond size are too many feathers in tail, flight and sicle, and behavior. Mine can crank out a very impressive flight and have had a good history with walk production even when faced with predation. I am proud of minimal obvious impacts coming from the oriental games.

    Edit: I just noticed this thread is in a totally inappropriate forum. My guess is moderators pulling some sort of a joke or slap happy with rules.
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