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Apr 22, 2008
Just wondering how many people go without regular TV service (cable, satellite, etc). We cancelled our satellite service earlier this year and are perfectly happy without it. The kids spend more time outdoors during the day and we play more games together as a family. We still have TVs in the house and we do make use of netflix, but we don't get regular TV anymore. So what kind of TV service do you have (if any)?
That is good to hear. I have been thinking of giving up our pay TV, as most of our programs are available online through Hulu or the network websites anyway. We are not sure yet what we are going to do, but at the very least, I think we are going to decrease our service to the bare minimum in the next month or two. We don't watch much on cable anyway. We pay a lot of money to sit here with 165 channels and nothing to watch most of the time. We just put it on the music channels and do other things. We could listen to the radio for free and do the same.
We haven't had any kind of TV service for about 6 1/2 years now and LOVE it! We don't even have rabbit ears!!

We do get Netflix, but that's different because there's no commercials and you can't sit down to watch "just one show" (then get sucked in for 3 hours
I don't have pay TV. Haven't had for 25 years. Since the switch to HDTV, I still get 27 channels, Of which about 15 are worth watching sometimes.

Had cable years ago for maybe a year. After the novelty wore off I rarely watched cable. At the time it was $9.99 a month. Lol! After a move I never restarted it.

I could do without it. DH cannot. We are talking about cutting way back on the # of channels we get when he retires. As long as I have my internet I'm good.
We switched from cable to satellite because cable was getting waaaay to expensive.
Why can't they just set a price, and let you choose what channels you wish to receive?
Like say so much for 10 channels that you choose, 15 channels, etc. When we had cable, we got Animal Channel, which I LOVED, and Hallmark, which I also loved. Since we switched to satellite, which is cheaper, I don't get them anymore unless we want to pay more

I have Direct t.v.... But honestly..i could live without t.v..
I only watch a few select shows a week... and i can find them on the internet....
So..yeah.. not sure why we pay so much for stinkin t.v. ..i guess for the kids..
I've never had it, and am surprised at how many folks consider it a necessity. I even had a lovely period of time after all the TV signals went to HD and we didn't have the converter boxes for our old sets. Mister & the boys kept asking "have WE gotten the vouchers for the converter boxes?" and I kept saying "No, YOU need to do that!" until one of them finally did.

I wouldn't mind having access to some of those cable channels, the history, science, art, & nature shows, and the ones that show the old-time series (old-time = shows I grew up watching). But I know that I'm such a cheapskate that if I spent $$$ for TV, by golly I'd sit myself down to make sure I watched my money's worth!

Our public libraries have a fantastic selection of DVDs we can borrow for free, for weeks at a time.
We have the old Free-to-Air big satellite dish. It was here when we moved here, but DH had to spend weeks finding satellites since there was no guide. We had DirecTV for many years, but gave it up when we just couldn't pay over $60/month for a service that had stuff we could get for free on the big dish. Gave up cell phones, too. I don't miss it, but if DH kicked the bucket tomorrow, I couldn't watch TV at all. There are remotes everywhere, we have to switch to the roof antenna to get local Chattanooga station, etc. It's a huge puzzle I'd never figure out and frankly, don't really care. He cannot live without TV and I can.
We stopped our TV service first of the year. No regrets. Of course we do stream netflix, so its not like we are totally without any sort of TV type media. I must also confess to watching some of "my shows" on Hulu every now and again. My DH is concerned about football season, so we may start service again just for the fall, who knows.

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