Do you know any websites that sell baby chicks in the wintertime?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by RW19290, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. RW19290

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    Oct 1, 2008
    Southern California
    my chicks died last week and i don't feel like i can recover from it.[​IMG] they were killed by a raccoon that dug a tunnel into their crudely built chicken coop. I am so sad. over the past week, i've been looking for a hatchery that sells chicks in the winter. I want to start over with some new chicks. do you know any websites that sell during the winter.
  2. crperdue

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Lake Waccamaw, NC
    got some coming the 1st week of December.

    I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you plan to update your coop before putting out more birds.
  3. crazychicken

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    Sep 11, 2008
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  4. NurseNettie

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    Feb 13, 2008
    Northern Maine
    I was browsing Ideal and McMurray the other day, just for fun, and one of them did have some hatches available late November-- you should check them out.

    I do agree with the post above me-- please consider upgrading your coop and run before putting any more outside, or you'll end up with the same result.

    Sorry for your loss-- think of it as a learning opportunity.
  5. orcasislandchickens

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Fix your coop and brooder setup so that it is preditor proof. This might take a little extra time and money but it is so worth it. Whatever got them before will get them again, or one of the many other kinds of chicken slaying varmints will stop in for a meal. (even with a very secure setup I lost a couple of mine so don't feel too bad)

    Go to the Granny Habrano's sticky at the top of this page. Click down through it to see who is still selling and what they have available. You are right that the pickin's are pretty slim this time of year but they are still available, especially the more popular ones like sex links, australorps, EE, etc. Many hatcheries start shipping again after the holidays (it isn't just that the demand for chicks dropps off, but also the mail becomes very unreliable and the hatcheries don't want to deliver you dead chicks a week before Christmas).
  6. jjthink

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    Just about everybody will sell you anything anytime. But I think back to the many sad posts of chicklet losses last winter because people wanted chicks in the winter and they got too cold during shipping. Consider only shipping when there will be good weather conditions during the entire route.
  7. ThornyRidge

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    Oct 28, 2008
    First before you invest in anymore chicks I would definately get the set up /coop and brooder ready and predator proof... racoons are horrible with chickens.. I have lost many an adult to coons who only come in and kill them and eat their heads.. sick sick sick.. most hatcheries have chicks available year round. Some may be limited of breeds.. do some research and check out some different hatcheries.. I live in Ohio and love Meyer Hatchery.. they also have a small purchase available and will sell a minimum of 3 chicks to those who don't want a huge flock..
  8. smith2

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    Jan 5, 2008
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    I have gotten chicks in the winter before, but I had trouble every time I did it because of them getting too cold in the shipping. You might want to consider picking them up from a hatchery closest to you. Sometimes when they come you think they are fine, but when they warm up, they won't eat or drink and they die. This has happened to me several times. You also have to manage the light they get when they are hatched this late in the year, or you will get a bunch of small eggs when they start laying. Good luck!
  9. rubyv67

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    Oct 17, 2008
    [​IMG] Hi! Don't know where you are in Cali, but I was looking for a hatchery in our state to cut down shipping costs and stress to the baby chickies. I found these people. They were very courteous and answered all my questions.Their prices are amazing considering the chickens are certified organic. They don't have a website so here's the # 661-946-2830. It's Redwing Hatchery near Lancaster 93551. She has 13 breeds of chicken and only ships 25 or more for warmth. Good luck and I hope it helped. [​IMG]
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