Do you like Crickets?

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  1. Hi all, I love crickets singing at night especially after it rains.
    I did a very good deed the other day.
    I was offered 3 boxes of live crickets which are given as live food for lizards etc by a petshop owner.
    She said : "could you use these?" as they were nearing expiry date.
    I said oh Ok, how much and she said ~ Nothing.
    I didnt like to take them so I offered her $3 for the 3 boxes.
    I took them home and after the chookies had gone to bed i opened the boxes and set them FREE.
    They loved it, and havent stopped chirping since. Must be about 100 of them out there.
    It sounds so lovely to hear them, you can tell they are thanking me for saving them!!!!
    So if you want to feel good~ go out and buy a box of them and release them too!!!![​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Aug 29, 2007
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    Crickets I have to release in my chicken pen Bantymum, sorry!! They eat each other, did you know that? When I bring them home in my cricket thingy I have seen them jump on the weaker ones and eat them entirely. To me, they are super chicken treats.....can we disagreeon this one, lol?! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. OM goodness , the mean little fellas, perhaps thats why they arent making as much noise as they did on their ist night!!!
    Darlene, why dont you give your chickens some cockroaches instead.
    I am now the unofficial president of the prevention of cruelty to Crickets society.
    So you go out and catch them and put them in a shopping trolley and wack them on the head while playing an instrument whilst you
    toss them to the chooks do you?????
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    You crack me up. [​IMG] What a big heart you have. I love listening to the night bugs, they sing me to sleep. Even if I set them free here....they would soon be food to something. We have so many large Bull Frogs from the pond, and little peeper frogs...(tree frogs) are everywhere. In the spring, some nights its so loud, I have to close the windows. Kricket rescue.... LOVE IT!!
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    We fish with crickets. My kids catch them for the chickens. The guineas do a good job of cleaning up all the insects and critters around the barns.

    I have a koi pond and the sound of the bullfrogs and crickets on a warm summer night are peaceful.
  6. Another candidate for the cruelty to crickets award!!!!
    No you cannot put them on a fish hook either!!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Quote:Yes, they are lovely to sleep to, its just when there are hundreds out there that it can be difficult and it necessitates earplugs! oh well at least it drowns out My new Snoring habit!!!
    Well done Deb, for not feeding them to your chookies!!!
    you earn one star!!![​IMG]
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    *I bought crickets and tryed giving them to my chicken-- she paid them no mind whatsoever-- They ALL Went free, bantymum! Then, I bought her some nice, fat mealworms. She never looked at those either-- but BOY! The ants sure did! Mealworms MUST giue off some kind of scent or some vibe that ants recognize, cuz soon as it hit the ground, ants swarmed them!! I know she doesn't like roaches-- cuz one p.m. she wouldnt go to bed, kicked up a fuss squawking and walking all around the edges of her box, obviously aggitated. There was a roach in the nest, & she wanted NO part of it, literally.
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  9. d.k :

    *I bought crickets and tryed giving them to my chicken-- she paid them no mind whatsoever-- They ALL Went free!

    well done chookie, buy some more!!!!!​
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    Good Morning everyone.....when we buy crickets for our lizard we usually put some carrots and other veggies in the container for the crickets to eat and then the lizard gets water and nutrients from eating the crickets.....also if your going to be keeping them in a container for a while place some carboard tubes in for them to hide in.....I use the tubes then to shake them into the lizard cage or another long container to take to the girls outside....have a great day......I can hear crickets all year round in my house ! haha

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