DO you like to see brand new babies???


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO started out with a few live cams in foaling barns that were on the internet, so owners could keep an eye on their mares via home computer, rather than having to have a security cam set up. This provided a server that had professional maintenance, rather than have your system go out at the wrong time. People started telling friends about it so they could share the event and it has developed into a network of people that keep an eye on other peoples horses! This allows many people to relax a bit and still be alerted when something is happening in the barn. The people that watch and join in the chatrooms get to enjoy watching the mother's to be as well as providing a watchdog service 24/7. There are thousands of people that do this. I usually kep a couple windows open when I am chatting or surfing the net and check every so often. Then of course, you get to watch the birth! Over the years it has grown to include just about evey breed of horse all over the world as well as donkeys, goats and pigs! You get to know the owners, the addicted watchers and other people interested in it. They have a list of due dates (TONS due right now of all species, by the way!) CHeck it out!
Here are due dates:
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