Do you paint or linoleum your roosts?

No. I use pressure treated wood. Paint is possible, I wouldn't use linoleum though, as it's slick. If at all possible, just get pressure treated 2x4 and put it with the 4" side up
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Pressure treated wood is not a good idea for roosts -- there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to use it, and it is not so great for chickens to be standing barefoot on p/t stuff for half their lives.

Vinyl would be too slippery.

Paint would be ok but get scratched off fairly soon so really why bother. A well-sanded surface does not catch particularly intransigent poo IME. If you are really concerned, give it a coat of mineral oil or linseed oil or something like that, to seal the pores.

GOod luck, have fun,

GO out and find some stout tree branches which you can fit your thumb and first finger around. Make roosts from those.

No paint, no vinyl, no linoleum, no money spent on 2 x 4's.
Yeah I would agree about the Pressure Treated... there are all sorts of horrible chemicals including a lot of arsenic used in the curing process of PT wood. I had actually considered using it on the inside of my coop as well before my husband reminded me about the chemicals.

I was unsure about whether or not I should paint my 2x4 pine roosts... this thread helped me decide, thanks.
I grabbed a 100 year old 4x4 from a barn that fell down near my hunting camp.
I am going to run a power plainer over it this weekend.
I always loved that barn, there wasn't one nut or bolt holding any of it together.
It was all hand cut with joints that have special names that I don't know.
they drilled holes and then banged in wooden dowels.
To bad it fell down, but now I feel like I have a piece of history in my coop.

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Neither. I used scrap pieces of composite wood (like Trex, but different brand) placed over vertically oriented 2 X 4's for support. I thought it would wear better and be easier to clean.


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