Do you provide heat for your molting birds?

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  1. My year-old BO is in a serious molt, poor sweet thing. When I tucked them in tonight, I noticed she is sleeping in the nest box instead of on the roost near the window as usual. Is she cold? We had a VERY warm day here - in the high 70's at least. It's probably in the low 50's at night. We don't have heat in the coop - they were fine through the last winter.

    My other hen, an EE, hasn't shed a feather yet. Is each bird on its own schedule?
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    They moult when they feel like it. I don't supplement heat and your winter so far sounds like an average summer day in washington. They are fine. Had one sexlink moult two winters ago in the coldest week of the season. Teens at night, mid 20's by day. She was pretty naked and instead of sleeping on the roost in the run with the rest, she actually went inside.
  3. gritsar

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    No I don't provide them heat, during molt or at any other time. I figure Mother Nature knows what she's doing.
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    With those temperatures and their down coat, yours are just starting to get comfortable.

    No, I do not add any heat at any time.
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    I've never given my birds extra heat and only recently started lighting the coop to help egg production. We've never had a problem and I live in Wisconsin! Its a high of 35 today! BRRRRR
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    I have three hens in FULL molt--some just starting, others are naked!! Our highs are 50's, lows are 30.. Expecting 28 tomorrow night...I don't use heat but noticed my naked girl is the first into the coop at night and she is sleeping --squeezed in between the two RIR..

    I think each bird molts when her body/mind says it's time..

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